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Cash Withdrawal at ATM                                                    $1.00
At ATMs we do not own or operate
Replacement ATM / Debit Card Fee                             $10.00
Check Printing                              *Fee depends on style of check ordered
Cashier’s Check or Money Order                                  $2.00
Stop Payment (All items; per item)                               $20.00
Overdraft Charge (maximum charge per day)        $25.00
First Day Overdraft Charge                                             $25.00
Daily Continuous Overdraft Charge                           $10.00
Begins on the 5th business day if acct. remains overdrawn & there is no activity
Return Check Charge (per item)                                    $25.00
Return Check Charge                                                          $100.00
(maximum charge per day)
Non-Recurring ACH requests to transfer               $10.00
IRA Transfer Fee (per transfer)                                       $35.00
This only applies for request to transfer to another financial institution
Account Research or Account                                       $25.00 per hour
Balancing Assistance
Duplicate Check or Statement                                      $5.00 each
Early withdrawal from
Christmas Club Account                                                   $10.00 + Accrued Interest
Early Closure Fee:                                                                  $50.00
If account is closed within 6 months of opening
Fax                                                                                                   $1.00 per page
License Sticker                                                                        $9.50
Wire Transfer (Incoming)                                                   $10.00
Wire Transfer (Outgoing)                                                   $20.00
Foreign Wire Transfer (Incoming)                                 $10.00
Foreign Wire Transfer (Outgoing)                                 $50.00
Foreign Currency Order                                                     Our Cost
Dormant Account                                                                 $50.00 annually
This fee is charged at the end of the third year on each dormant account if there has been no activity.Annual Safe Deposit Rent:
Safe Deposit Box: 3×5                                                          $15.00
Safe Deposit Box: 5×5                                                          $25.00
Safe Deposit Box: 2½x10                                                   $40.00
Safe Deposit Box: 5×10                                                       $50.00
Safe Deposit Box: 10×10                                                    $75.00
Drill Safe Deposit Box                                                          $125.00 or our cost